In Literacy we had to watch a video and this is what it is about.
It is about how people are killing rhinos to use their horns to get money and I heard that in the black markets they can be sold for more than $60,000 per kilo. WOW!! That is a lot of money for a rhino horn but it also said that they were used for thousands of years to mix ingredients in some Asian medicines. I think that there is many of different ways to make money instead of killing rhinos and selling their horn. It is a cruel thing to kill such beautiful animals just to make money so I think that they should not try to make it better by cutting them all off and keeping them safe but to just ban it all around the world! What did the rhinos ever do to you? But when watching this it makes we wonder why… just why do they do that? Because there are a lot of other ways to make money it is just common sense. When watching this video it made me really upset and sad that people in the world are actually doing that to the wildlife. But all of this was just my opinion so please tell me what you think about my opinion or you can watch this video and tell me your own. Thanks 🙂

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