Chain Story

A chain story is when you get in a group and start writing the story. You pass the story around and people continue on with the story. So if there is some crazy things I did not wrote it.

“Come on” shouted Millie’s mother. It was a nice bright sunny morning in Millie’s street and she was looking forward to the holidays. She was in her dream mode when her mother pulled her tail, “Ouch” shouted Millie. She sprang out of bed chasing after her mother down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Hurry Millie, we are going to be late for the summer parade, it stars in ten minutes”. Off they went and they arrived just in time. It was beautiful there was sunshine everywhere and icy poles dripping, all I could see was happiness everywhere. When it was bed time Millie needed to go do her business outside but her brother stopped her so she couldn’t hold it in anymore. She peed inside “oops” said her brother. “You are so not a good boy anymore you have mould in your bedroom and this morning you put it in my breakfast. The two of them couldn’t stop fighting with each other when their mother came out and yelled at them both, “STOP FIGHTING! If you don’t stop fighting you will have to do chores for the rest of the month!” “But mum I do not want to do that you see I want to hang out with my friends and… “Now you are on toilet duty, hurry up ““But toilets have germs and it is just really gross, and everyone poops in there” At just that moment a rat cleans everything and now there is rat dropping everywhere in the toilet and that is the most disgusting thing ever. She walked outside and a bolder landed right next to her. Thank god she thought but then a huntsman speared her right in the head.
The End

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