Family Fun (homework post)

For homework we had to plan a sport to play with our family. So I chose archery and I played it with my brother Luke. On our birthday I brought Luke a plastic archery set so after we had breakfast we went outside to our backyard and went on the trampoline with his archery set and then we took turn in trying to shoot the arrow from on the trampoline to the bush. When Luke had a shot he technically hit the bush that he was aiming for so he got a bullseye but when I had my turn it barley made the distance. But it was okay because it was very funny. On Luke’s second go he nicked the edge of the plant and he let out a big yell. “Did you see that it was so close”? On my second go I shoot the arrow and it was looking good but then it took a wrong turn and went straight into the ground that is when Luke cracked up laughing. We had more shots but I never hit the bush.