BTN- Donor Dogs

This video is all about how dogs and cats can also donate blood to other dogs and cats that need it. But dogs can’t give blood to cats because like humans they have different blood types. I think that it is a great idea to let dogs and cats give blood to other dogs and cats that have the same blood type as them because when humans are really sick and need blood we don’t let them just die we help them by donating blood to them so I think it is a great idea that it is now the same with dogs and cats. Also because there owners want them to stay alive just like us. When I was watching this it really made me wonder how come they didn’t think of this before because some animals have died from sickness but I guess now that they have introduced this new idea it will help keep most animals alive if they are sick and need blood. In this video if I could I would ask the vets why they also have to shave some of the hair on dogs arm if they actually take blood from the neck? This report on Donor Dogs really made me think about how much blood helps people and animals when they’re sick or had a bad accident, it also made me feel really happy knowing that dogs and cats can also be saved by donating blood. I would like to here you opinion on this story so please leave a comment.

Blogging Challenge

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I was walking down the highway at night trying to get over the fact that we were moving when I saw something it the corner of my eye, so I turned around and saw this blue little canoe sitting on the riverbank. “Huh” I said to myself as I walked closer and closer to the small canoe but when I got there I felt a gust of wind brush past my neck and I saw a shimmer of light it the trees. “This is getting strange”. I reached out to touch the boat when I heard a soft voice, “Don’t touch the boat little madam” “Um…. why not” “Cause it’s MINE! I felt a big blow on wind coming towards me and it pushed me into the monstrosity boat. I was lying on the floor of the boat when I felt it wiggle and wobble then I realised I was slowly drifting away from the riverbank. “HELP, HELP!” I screamed from the boat but people could hear was the slurping of tea in the new coffee shop and before I knew it I was out the back of the ocean and big waves started to rumble up the calm sea.