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I was walking down the highway at night trying to get over the fact that we were moving when I saw something it the corner of my eye, so I turned around and saw this blue little canoe sitting on the riverbank. “Huh” I said to myself as I walked closer and closer to the small canoe but when I got there I felt a gust of wind brush past my neck and I saw a shimmer of light it the trees. “This is getting strange”. I reached out to touch the boat when I heard a soft voice, “Don’t touch the boat little madam” “Um…. why not” “Cause it’s MINE! I felt a big blow on wind coming towards me and it pushed me into the monstrosity boat. I was lying on the floor of the boat when I felt it wiggle and wobble then I realised I was slowly drifting away from the riverbank. “HELP, HELP!” I screamed from the boat but people could hear was the slurping of tea in the new coffee shop and before I knew it I was out the back of the ocean and big waves started to rumble up the calm sea.

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