Student Blogging Challenge

If I could meet anybody that is dead or alive I would choose to meet:

1. One Direction: When you were put together in a group where you happy that you got together? Why?
2. Gerrard, Mo’onia: How and when did you find your love for netball?
3. Taylor Swift: If you had a favourite song that you have written what would it be?
4. Little Mix: Have you ever gotten compared to other singing groups?
5. Usain Bolt: Do you ever have to eat something that you don’t like in your diet?
6. Sally Pearson: Are you any good at other sports?
7. Pa: What was your favourite sport at school?
8. Great uncle: Which famous boxers did you meet and what did you think of them?
9. The Wiggles: How did you become a group?
10. Kate Middleton: Does it ever get annoying having people try and get photos of you?
Student Blog Challenge

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