Student blogging challenge number 5 – SECRETS

As I was running through the forest looking for some hamburgers and Scooby snacks I came across a type of shrimp tree. I usually don’t eat shrimp but I was absolutely starving and I had no choice, I was running out of energy. I plucked a shrimp off a branch and got prepared to chew it down. I dangled it above my mouth and I was about to drop it. But suddenly it started to wibble and wobble and it fell out of my hand. I looked down at it to see if it was okay but it started screaming in my face! “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, DON’T YOU DARE TRY AND EAT ME, even though I would probably be incredibly delicious, BUT STILL! NO EATING!!!!” I stared down at it in amazement but still trying to figure out what it just said. The shrimp started to talk again and it said that he has very important information for me and I need to pay attention. It told me that there are three secrets in this forest and that he needed my help to find out exactly what the secrets are. I nodded my head and asked him how to find out all the secrets. “I have a map that takes us all around the forest but eventually we will find them all!” the little shrimp said so off we went. He also said that we have to find a talking mushroom near the hollow tree. We were walking for ages and I started to get restless. “Are we almost there” I shouted several times. The shrimp started getting really annoyed but after awhile he said that we were there. We started walking around the tree looking for a clue but we heard a loud voice coming from the other side of the tree, we walked around the tree to find the talking mushroom and it told us to come follow him into a hollow tree! We followed him into the tree and stood there for a while but then the ground dropped from below us and we fell into some sort of secret hide out. We were walking into a tunnel and at the end of that tunnel stood a giant shining tree. “O My Shrimp, I can’t believe it. It’s the tree of secrets!” “What’s the tree of secrets?” I ask in an astonished tone. “It’s where all of the secrets are kept Scooby!” “WOW!” We walked closer to the tree and carved into the tree was the three secrets of the forest:
– Everything that is written in fairy tales to do with trees from this forest is true.
– Everything that talks is always something that helps you.
– Shrimp don’t really grow off trees.

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