Weekly reflections

For the first week of my relfections we had TRASH”N”FASHION. Throughout this week it was environment week so we got to do some really fun activities. One of them was trash’n’fashion. This is where we got to get creative to design and make clothes out of recycled materials. I was in a group with two other girls and we designed a dress made out of paper from the recycling bin and some old newspaper. In the end I think that we did a really good job and we all worked together very well. One of the group members was sick for most of the week but when she came back she managed to just go along and she was actually the model. After the fashion parade there was a best dressed and own team actually won the best dressed for the girls because the judges said that it was really creative.

9th-13th of September

This week I think that I went really well because I think that I made really good learning choices and I enjoyed the activities that we got given. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we had to write a narrative and make a plan using a story graph. I think that the story graphs are really good to use because they are easy to understand and I enjoy doing them. Also on Thursday we finally finished the rest of our big idea presentations. These are like mini projects and my class still hadn’t finished them off from a while ago. I completed my presentation and I think that I spoke clearly and confidently. I was very proud of my work and very happy with what I had achieved. In the end I got a score of 9.8 out of 10. I want to go back next week and ask my teacher what I need to do to get a 10 but I think one of my classmates said that it was because I had extra room on my page and should have used smaller paper.