Weekly reflections

For the first week of my relfections we had TRASH”N”FASHION. Throughout this week it was environment week so we got to do some really fun activities. One of them was trash’n’fashion. This is where we got to get creative to design and make clothes out of recycled materials. I was in a group with two other girls and we designed a dress made out of paper from the recycling bin and some old newspaper. In the end I think that we did a really good job and we all worked together very well. One of the group members was sick for most of the week but when she came back she managed to just go along and she was actually the model. After the fashion parade there was a best dressed and own team actually won the best dressed for the girls because the judges said that it was really creative.

9th-13th of September

This week I think that I went really well because I think that I made really good learning choices and I enjoyed the activities that we got given. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we had to write a narrative and make a plan using a story graph. I think that the story graphs are really good to use because they are easy to understand and I enjoy doing them. Also on Thursday we finally finished the rest of our big idea presentations. These are like mini projects and my class still hadn’t finished them off from a while ago. I completed my presentation and I think that I spoke clearly and confidently. I was very proud of my work and very happy with what I had achieved. In the end I got a score of 9.8 out of 10. I want to go back next week and ask my teacher what I need to do to get a 10 but I think one of my classmates said that it was because I had extra room on my page and should have used smaller paper.


MY FAVOURITE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. One Direction: One Direction is one of the best ever boy band since the classical Beetles! They started of on The X Factor as single vocalists untill they got put in a group together by Simon Cowell and started to bond, they definatly have because now they are one of the biggest boy bands in the world and have millions of fans world wide. I love One Direction because they are very independiant as a group and don’t care what other people think of them. They love doing what they love which is making music.

2. Jumping Castle: As the loud sound of the air was pumping through the castle I slipt off my shoes and got ready to jump. These things were awesome, they are the best thing in the world. This one was my favourite though it had red rubber poles and the floor was light blue. The walls were covered in sliky yellow paint and the roof was a thin white sheet.

3. Onesies: Sitting by the fire on a chilly winter night in your favourite arm chair. Everyone around you is trying to get themselves warm by wrapping each other in blankets while you’re just sitting there in your cosy soft onesie. If you haven’t got one yet then I recommend that you do because they are a great thing to have on those cold winter nights.

4. Netball: For me netball is one of my favourite things in the world. Running down the court or preparing for goal for me is just one of the best feelings ever. Sometimes you can get injuries but the main places are your ankles or fingers. I play for Torquay Tigers U13 A’s and also on Tuesday nights for surf world. I play with y friends and we always have lots of fun. My favourite position on the court is GA or GS but sometimes my coach puts me in the defence end. I love my coach because she really helps me improve my netball and encourages me to always do my best. My favourite drill to do before our netball game on Saturday is the tree. When I first learnt this drill I was really confused but then I got the hang of it.

5. App-Snapchat: Snapchat is one of the best apps that you can get. You take photos and then you can, add text to tell people what you’re doing. You can also draw with all different colours and then when you’re finished you can send it to some of your friends that also have this great app. My best friend Kesia has Snapchat and we use it a lot to talk to each other and before her party she used it to ask me if I want to come over to her house and jump on the jumping castle. If you don’t have Snapchat I recommend that you get it because it is different from other social apps that you get download.

6.Friends: To me friends are everything, they’re always there to help me when I’m sad and make happy moments even happier. My life is about all my friends, I would never ever let them go. If I didn’t have them I wouldn’t know what I would do. They all mean so much to me. I have lots of friends that care for me and I sure you guys out there do as well. If you do make sure that you look after them and treat them like you what to be treated because if you let them go, you might end up having no one there for you.

7.Chocolate: As the hot sizzling sun blazes over my head I place a piece of the delicious sweet chocolate into my  mouth. When the bubbly feeling overtakes my thoughts I start to wonder if i could finish off all of this block before dinner because my mum gets really mad when I eat sweets before dinner.

Jeannie Baker!

Jeannie Baker.
Jeannie Baker is a multi-award winning author/illustrator and a short film maker. She was born in Croydon, England, Nov 2 in 1950; she is now 62 years old and the eldest of six children. When she was young she attended college at Brighton Polytechnic and immigrated to Australia in 1975. She is now based in Sydney and likes to focus on communicating with people in different meanings through her books.
I like Jeannie Baker because she is an inspiring author/illustrator, she is a great children’s author and is really passionate about her books. I love how she uses collages to bring her books to life and even though most of them have no words, people say that pictures can tell a thousand words.

Student blogging challenge number 5 – SECRETS

As I was running through the forest looking for some hamburgers and Scooby snacks I came across a type of shrimp tree. I usually don’t eat shrimp but I was absolutely starving and I had no choice, I was running out of energy. I plucked a shrimp off a branch and got prepared to chew it down. I dangled it above my mouth and I was about to drop it. But suddenly it started to wibble and wobble and it fell out of my hand. I looked down at it to see if it was okay but it started screaming in my face! “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, DON’T YOU DARE TRY AND EAT ME, even though I would probably be incredibly delicious, BUT STILL! NO EATING!!!!” I stared down at it in amazement but still trying to figure out what it just said. The shrimp started to talk again and it said that he has very important information for me and I need to pay attention. It told me that there are three secrets in this forest and that he needed my help to find out exactly what the secrets are. I nodded my head and asked him how to find out all the secrets. “I have a map that takes us all around the forest but eventually we will find them all!” the little shrimp said so off we went. He also said that we have to find a talking mushroom near the hollow tree. We were walking for ages and I started to get restless. “Are we almost there” I shouted several times. The shrimp started getting really annoyed but after awhile he said that we were there. We started walking around the tree looking for a clue but we heard a loud voice coming from the other side of the tree, we walked around the tree to find the talking mushroom and it told us to come follow him into a hollow tree! We followed him into the tree and stood there for a while but then the ground dropped from below us and we fell into some sort of secret hide out. We were walking into a tunnel and at the end of that tunnel stood a giant shining tree. “O My Shrimp, I can’t believe it. It’s the tree of secrets!” “What’s the tree of secrets?” I ask in an astonished tone. “It’s where all of the secrets are kept Scooby!” “WOW!” We walked closer to the tree and carved into the tree was the three secrets of the forest:
– Everything that is written in fairy tales to do with trees from this forest is true.
– Everything that talks is always something that helps you.
– Shrimp don’t really grow off trees.

Literacy Homework Week 5-8

“Emily wait for me!” I shouted as my friend came zooming past in her brand new car. The car stopped suddenly to a halt as it and it’s driver waited for me to jump inside. We went brushing past the streets at full speed. I told her to stop and slow down but she never did. I tried to enjoy it but I just couldn’t. “I can’t do this I stated to myself. Then… BANG!!! We crashed. I could feel my legs go numb then my head starting to bleed. I was really scared. What was going to happen next?

Maths Homework Week 5-8

I don’t really know what my favorite three course meal is because we don’t really have them that much but I would have to say I like Spaghetti:
To start off my three course meal we would heat up some garlic bread that we brought from the Super market.
Garlic bread = $2.50
The main meal is spaghetti and my mum cooks that.
Spaghetti = $4
Pasta Sauce = About $2
Desert would be some ice-cream with topping.
Ice-cream = $5
Topping = $2.50
All together my three course meal would cost about $16. So if I had $100 to spend I would have $84 left.

Student Blogging Challenge

If I could meet anybody that is dead or alive I would choose to meet:

1. One Direction: When you were put together in a group where you happy that you got together? Why?
2. Gerrard, Mo’onia: How and when did you find your love for netball?
3. Taylor Swift: If you had a favourite song that you have written what would it be?
4. Little Mix: Have you ever gotten compared to other singing groups?
5. Usain Bolt: Do you ever have to eat something that you don’t like in your diet?
6. Sally Pearson: Are you any good at other sports?
7. Pa: What was your favourite sport at school?
8. Great uncle: Which famous boxers did you meet and what did you think of them?
9. The Wiggles: How did you become a group?
10. Kate Middleton: Does it ever get annoying having people try and get photos of you?
Student Blog Challenge

Homework – Writing 2013

This is special to me because I love coming down to the beach in the holidays and sometimes the weekend. I would just hate to see the beautiful beaches and yucky and polluted because then you get too busy dodging rubbish instead of having fun with family or friends. When I come to Jan Juc beach I love to jump off Bird Rock when the tide is just right because once I first started jumping off I just loved doing it. I know this might not be that personal but it is something that I really absolutely love to do.

103 Word Challange- Something Special

One day after school, I got home to hear that I was leaving Melbourne to go to Jan Juc and live there. At first I was really upset because I didn’t want to leave any of my friends and school behind. But when it came to one of the days before moving I went to my best friend’s house for a play and to say goodbye. We went up stairs and used the play area to do cart wheels and handstands. When I left for the last time she handed me this glass doll and I have kept it in memory ever since