Family Fun (homework post)

For homework we had to plan a sport to play with our family. So I chose archery and I played it with my brother Luke. On our birthday I brought Luke a plastic archery set so after we had breakfast we went outside to our backyard and went on the trampoline with his archery set and then we took turn in trying to shoot the arrow from on the trampoline to the bush. When Luke had a shot he technically hit the bush that he was aiming for so he got a bullseye but when I had my turn it barley made the distance. But it was okay because it was very funny. On Luke’s second go he nicked the edge of the plant and he let out a big yell. “Did you see that it was so close”? On my second go I shoot the arrow and it was looking good but then it took a wrong turn and went straight into the ground that is when Luke cracked up laughing. We had more shots but I never hit the bush.

Chain Story

A chain story is when you get in a group and start writing the story. You pass the story around and people continue on with the story. So if there is some crazy things I did not wrote it.

“Come on” shouted Millie’s mother. It was a nice bright sunny morning in Millie’s street and she was looking forward to the holidays. She was in her dream mode when her mother pulled her tail, “Ouch” shouted Millie. She sprang out of bed chasing after her mother down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Hurry Millie, we are going to be late for the summer parade, it stars in ten minutes”. Off they went and they arrived just in time. It was beautiful there was sunshine everywhere and icy poles dripping, all I could see was happiness everywhere. When it was bed time Millie needed to go do her business outside but her brother stopped her so she couldn’t hold it in anymore. She peed inside “oops” said her brother. “You are so not a good boy anymore you have mould in your bedroom and this morning you put it in my breakfast. The two of them couldn’t stop fighting with each other when their mother came out and yelled at them both, “STOP FIGHTING! If you don’t stop fighting you will have to do chores for the rest of the month!” “But mum I do not want to do that you see I want to hang out with my friends and… “Now you are on toilet duty, hurry up ““But toilets have germs and it is just really gross, and everyone poops in there” At just that moment a rat cleans everything and now there is rat dropping everywhere in the toilet and that is the most disgusting thing ever. She walked outside and a bolder landed right next to her. Thank god she thought but then a huntsman speared her right in the head.
The End


In Literacy we had to watch a video and this is what it is about.
It is about how people are killing rhinos to use their horns to get money and I heard that in the black markets they can be sold for more than $60,000 per kilo. WOW!! That is a lot of money for a rhino horn but it also said that they were used for thousands of years to mix ingredients in some Asian medicines. I think that there is many of different ways to make money instead of killing rhinos and selling their horn. It is a cruel thing to kill such beautiful animals just to make money so I think that they should not try to make it better by cutting them all off and keeping them safe but to just ban it all around the world! What did the rhinos ever do to you? But when watching this it makes we wonder why… just why do they do that? Because there are a lot of other ways to make money it is just common sense. When watching this video it made me really upset and sad that people in the world are actually doing that to the wildlife. But all of this was just my opinion so please tell me what you think about my opinion or you can watch this video and tell me your own. Thanks 🙂

106 WC- The noise was terrifying but…

I woke up to the sound of screaming, the noise was terrifying but I managed to block it out of my head and go back to sleep. Then when I woke up a second time I heard a noise again but this time it was more of a soft voice singing, “I’m gonna get you.” I was flabbergasted, scared what would I do. I was thinking about running into the room next to me where my sister was asleep under her blankets when the window burst open letting a gush of cold air in. I went over quietly to close it when someone tapped my shoulder.

100 WC- The race was about to begin

I walked into the stadium and I saw people everywhere screaming and shouting. I could tell that most people were excited because they had big smiles on their faces. I walked deeper into the crowd of yelling people and found my position on the track my race was about to begin when… BOOM the gun let out a bang and the race began. I was leading the race until about half way when the Italian girl came running past, but I didn’t want to give up so I bolted the rest of the way and I passed the Italian girl and then won the race. YES!!! GOLD!!!

Australian Olympic Athlete: Steven Hooker

Hi my name is Kate and for homework we had to write a post about our favourite Australian Olympic Athlete. So I chose my favourite pole vaulter Steve Hooker.
Steve Hooker:

He was born on the 16/7/1982 in Melbourne VIC and is 30 years old. He is an Australian Athlete and competes in the sport pole vault. He competed in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens and placed 28th. He has also taken part in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and he placed 1st overall. Steve Hooker lives in Perth WA and is 187cm tall. He’s career highlights are, winning gold at the Beijing Olympics and becoming the 2009 World Champion. When Steve was little he played AFL and always wanted to become win the 400m a sports person. His favourite Olympic memory was when he was sitting in the grand stand watching Cathy Freeman in Sydney. Here is a video to show you some of Steve Hookers amazing achievements

Year 5 Camp

Year 5 Camp Anglesea
When my Mum dropped me off at camp I was one of the first people there so I just waited a little while until more and more people started to arrive. Then after about half of the year 5 students were there we went inside the hall and waited for the rest of the year 5’s. When I poked my head out of the hall I saw my friends and started running then after the tour we got straight into the activities.
Day 1:
The first activity that our group did was fishing, so we went over to the bridges and dropped our lines in. Our second activity was bush art, so we went up into the bush to collect some bark and other things that we needed to create our picture. Everyone was excited about the next activity because we had……….. CANOES, when we had gotten our life jackets on, we grabbed a partner and hopped into a canoe. Our last activity was the bush walk and our teacher Mr Hindson had a competition to see who could find the biggest leaf. After all of the activities we walked back to camp and we had a little bit of free time before dinner. Then we went to bed and I was in a cabin with my best friends Ella, Laura and Scout.

Day 2:
In the morning we got up, got dressed and went over to the dining room to have breakfast. After breakfast we had some more activities to do so we got into our groups and got ready to have some fun! Our first activity was initiatives; we had to work as a team to complete the challenges that were set for us. The second activity was high ropes and it was an obstacle course that was eight metres high, when I started to climb I got really scared because I discovered that I was afraid of heights. But it was fun. Our next activity was bike riding and we rode into the bush and then along the bridges leading back to camp. Our last activity was rock climbing and I was in a three with Ella and Laura, it was really fun climbing to the top because you got to touch a toy animal. After the rotations we had dinner and went back to our cabins to freshen up for the DISCO!!!!!
Day 3:
In the morning my cabin woke up and we were so tired from the disco last night but it was the last day of camp so we could have a sleep when we get home. After breakfast everyone was really excited for the last day of camp and guess what we did…yep more rotations. Our group’s first rotation was archery and it was awesome, we actually had a real bow and arrow to shot at a target and I got it on the blue. Our second activity was low ropes and it was kind of like the low version of the high ropes course but it had more challenges because it was on the ground. Next we got to do bush cooking and we made damper but not many people actually liked there food but I loved it and all of my friends in my group did to. Our final activity was the flying fox and we had to sit in a harnessed chair and when we got to the bottom our friends had to pull us back up the hill. After everyone had finished the rotations we had a BBQ lunch to finish up camp. After everyone was finished, it was time to go home so everyone went and got their things and went out the front of camp to wait for their parents.

The thing that took me out of my comfort zone was probably be the high ropes because I had never been that high before and I was really scared.
At the start of camp I set my self some personal goals and I am most proud myself for completing those goals and one of them were finishing the high ropes.
My favourite thing at camp would be the whole experience because I just loved the whole feeling of being with my friends having a fantastic time.
The food at camp was really nice and I loved the schnitzel that Rolf cooked on the first night.
I would probably give camp 9 ½ flying foxes out of 10. Because they could have let us be more free and independent.

Mrs Rayson’s 112 Word Challange

“Help” I screamed, I was in a castle in the middle of the ocean and my only way out was to jump. The island that the castle was resting on was quickly collapsing into the water and I was stuck in the dungeons with rusty old hand cuffs around my wrists. The owners of the castle had already made their way to the bottom and jumped on a boat to get to safety. They were paddling away SMILING; Watching the HORROR unravel with excitement. “What did I do wrong” I wondered, I was still thinking about the idea of jumping. I dived into the deep sea and struggled to reach the surface.