Big Idea- Term 3

This term our focus in Big Idea is – The Olympics. With a sub focus in History, Geography and Economics. The first week of term we were tuned into the topic by completing 5 rotations. These included:

1. Olympic History – In this rotation we watched a video and it was all about how the Ancient Olympia used to work. It showed us how it used to look and some of the rules and if we listened carefully it told us more about each event. I learnt from this lesson that if you made a false start in the running race you would step back and someone would whip you and then you were allowed back in the race.

2. British and European History – In this little activity we watched some horrible history videos and then our teacher kind of made it a bit more understanding for us at the end of each video because it was a bit confusing and I honestly had no idea what was happening at some times of the video. I loved watching these horrible history videos because they made them funny so that kids wouldn’t get bored.

3. Australian History – In this activity we worked on the computers and our teacher had found a website that we could go on and find out some things about our Australian History. So we went on the website and it was like a time line and on each year it said something that was really important in that time. Like in 1817 the first bank was opened and that would have been VERY important in that year.

4. Economics – For this lesson our teacher made a prezi about how much the Olympics cost and if the country gets anything back from the things they spend money on. Then after watching the prezi and taking some little notes on it we each wrote a persuasive piece about if Torquay should hold the next Olympics. We broke up into for and against in the hall and had a argument using our pieces for examples to back up our arguments.

5. Geography – For this activity our teacher printed out some maps so that we could read them because on the map it had marked out where the Olympics had been held and after we read it we got into groups of three and chose a country or place then we wrote down all we know about it on a big poster. We wrote down their national airport their main landmarks and of course what place we chose.

For the rest of the term I am going to follow my interests to link in with our topic of The Olympics and complete 3 tasks that I have negotiated with a 5/6 teacher.

Negotiated task 1 – History: I am going to complete to pyramids representing the ancient and the modern Olympics
Negotiated task 2 – Geography: I am going to create a map and mark where the Olympics have been held and put their countries flag around the outside to make a border.

Negotiated task 3 – Economics: I am going to make a book and on a page I will have some flights, accommodation, restaurants and car rental.
Negotiated task 1 – History: Get information for the pyramids and then put it on to a good copy paper, make the pyramids.
Negotiated task 2 – Geography: Trace the map and colour it in. print out the flags and stick them on the good copy map.
Negotiated task 3 – Economics: Draft all of the information and then put it onto good copy paper then put the pieces of paper together and colour in my book.
At the end of our Big Idea sessions we had a 5/6 expo in the hall showing off all of our fantastic work. It was on Tuesday last week and on the first day which of course was Tuesday we invited our parents along and the parents that could make it came and walked around to see their child’s work and some of the other students work that court their eye. At the end of day one we locked up the hall with all of our things in it and keep it there over night, then on Wednesday we opened it and the parents that couldn’t make it to the first expo day were allowed to come in and see their child’s work. For the rest of the day we had planned it out like a normal day but after snack we opened up the hall to the school so that they could see our work. We stood up proudly behind our work so that we could explain what we have done. At the end of the expo and all of the drama to get it ready I was really proud of my work because I thought that I had a lot more information than last time but maybe I could have challenged myself and not stuck to the usual poster and book but I think I had done a great job on my pyramids. I score my work 6 or 7 /10.

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