Big Idea

Mind, Body and Soul

For the past term the year 5/6 students have been learning about our main topic which is Mind, Body and Soul. It has been a really interesting term and I loved making the tzadziki dip in the mind activities, meditating in the soul activities and the fitness circuit we did in the body activities. After completing these activities we are now completing a negotiated task related to our topic and I with now tell you about that.

For the rest of the term I am going to be using my interest of music to link in with our topic of Mind, Body and Soul and complete 2 tasks that I have negotiated with a 5/6 teacher.

Negotiated Task 1: I am going to create a big poster with the top ten songs in Australia and about how the song’s artist became famous.

Negotiated Task 2: I am also making a big dice and on each side will be a tip on how to become a good singer.

To get these tasks completed and presented I need to:

• Research the top ten songs in Australia.
• Find out the tips to go onto the sides of the big dice.
• The last thing that I need to do is work hard to get my negotiated task finished and presented for everyone to see.

I have now finished my negotiated task about Music and I really enjoyed it because it was a fun time learning about one of the things that I love.

I am most proud of: my poster that I did about the top five songs in Australia on the day because it was a little bit hard to make the poster big enough so that all of the writing could have the right amount of space so people could read it.

I found it challenging: and risky to leave my cube till last so that it wouldn’t get squashed because if my cube got squashed I would quickly have to make another one and that takes a long time when you need to make a giant one and get all of the sides the exact same size.

Did you achieve your challenge: Yes, I did achieve my goal of getting it all done because at the start I was worried that I had planned to do too much and not get it all completed but in the end I managed my time well and got all of my tasks done.

I need to improve: my amount of information because last time I only had done a poster with information on the top five songs in Australia in May and I think that I could have gotten a lot more information down and presented if I had chosen to do music history instead of the top five songs in Australia in May,

The best part of this was: probably the set up of the exhibition because all of the nerves you get and knowing that all of your fantastic hard work can be presented to all different people from the school.

Overall I think that I have done a great job with my negotiated task and had completed what was expected to be done but also added some extra things here and there of my own. But I think that next time I could use more than one source of information to get my research.

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