Weekly reflections

For the first week of my relfections we had TRASH”N”FASHION. Throughout this week it was environment week so we got to do some really fun activities. One of them was trash’n’fashion. This is where we got to get creative to design and make clothes out of recycled materials. I was in a group with two other girls and we designed a dress made out of paper from the recycling bin and some old newspaper. In the end I think that we did a really good job and we all worked together very well. One of the group members was sick for most of the week but when she came back she managed to just go along and she was actually the model. After the fashion parade there was a best dressed and own team actually won the best dressed for the girls because the judges said that it was really creative.

9th-13th of September

This week I think that I went really well because I think that I made really good learning choices and I enjoyed the activities that we got given. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we had to write a narrative and make a plan using a story graph. I think that the story graphs are really good to use because they are easy to understand and I enjoy doing them. Also on Thursday we finally finished the rest of our big idea presentations. These are like mini projects and my class still hadn’t finished them off from a while ago. I completed my presentation and I think that I spoke clearly and confidently. I was very proud of my work and very happy with what I had achieved. In the end I got a score of 9.8 out of 10. I want to go back next week and ask my teacher what I need to do to get a 10 but I think one of my classmates said that it was because I had extra room on my page and should have used smaller paper.

BTN Plastic Oceans

Plastic Oceans!
This news report is all about how plastic bags and other plastic objects are affecting the marine life in the ocean. In some countries they’re trying to make sure that plastic from other water ways like rivers don’t get into the ocean by making some barriers on the shore of some beaches. I think that it is a terrible thing to have plastic leaking into the ocean. I really like the idea of having some barriers because it stops plastic from killing our animals in the ocean. But I also think that you should clean it out every once and a while because in the video it shows you what they look like and it is really disgusting, I bet that it will get a bit smelly too. When I was watching this it really made me wonder, why people don’t take care of our beaches and other environments that are getting littered by plastic. Because everyone talks about it on the news, at school and in this case the BTN clip. If I could I would probably ask why supermarkets and factories around the world STILL use plastic bags when you are told not to because it hurts our environment! It really makes me upset to hear that people don’t listen to what others say and it also makes me upset to hear that animals in the ocean die because humans are littering. I hope if you just red this that you will change the way you feel about the environment and stop using plastic that can’t be re-used. Thanks for reading what I really think about this problem and I would really love to hear what you think too.

OLd Black Fly


We were talking about author’s voice and how readers are able to learn a bit about the author, by the use of words and images. The old black fly, lands on different treasures in my personal space at home. By reading about each of my personal treasures, you learn a bit more about me.

BTN- Donor Dogs

This video is all about how dogs and cats can also donate blood to other dogs and cats that need it. But dogs can’t give blood to cats because like humans they have different blood types. I think that it is a great idea to let dogs and cats give blood to other dogs and cats that have the same blood type as them because when humans are really sick and need blood we don’t let them just die we help them by donating blood to them so I think it is a great idea that it is now the same with dogs and cats. Also because there owners want them to stay alive just like us. When I was watching this it really made me wonder how come they didn’t think of this before because some animals have died from sickness but I guess now that they have introduced this new idea it will help keep most animals alive if they are sick and need blood. In this video if I could I would ask the vets why they also have to shave some of the hair on dogs arm if they actually take blood from the neck? This report on Donor Dogs really made me think about how much blood helps people and animals when they’re sick or had a bad accident, it also made me feel really happy knowing that dogs and cats can also be saved by donating blood. I would like to here you opinion on this story so please leave a comment.

Blogging Challenge

Glitter Text @ Glitterfy.com
I was walking down the highway at night trying to get over the fact that we were moving when I saw something it the corner of my eye, so I turned around and saw this blue little canoe sitting on the riverbank. “Huh” I said to myself as I walked closer and closer to the small canoe but when I got there I felt a gust of wind brush past my neck and I saw a shimmer of light it the trees. “This is getting strange”. I reached out to touch the boat when I heard a soft voice, “Don’t touch the boat little madam” “Um…. why not” “Cause it’s MINE! I felt a big blow on wind coming towards me and it pushed me into the monstrosity boat. I was lying on the floor of the boat when I felt it wiggle and wobble then I realised I was slowly drifting away from the riverbank. “HELP, HELP!” I screamed from the boat but people could hear was the slurping of tea in the new coffee shop and before I knew it I was out the back of the ocean and big waves started to rumble up the calm sea.

Family Fun (homework post)

For homework we had to plan a sport to play with our family. So I chose archery and I played it with my brother Luke. On our birthday I brought Luke a plastic archery set so after we had breakfast we went outside to our backyard and went on the trampoline with his archery set and then we took turn in trying to shoot the arrow from on the trampoline to the bush. When Luke had a shot he technically hit the bush that he was aiming for so he got a bullseye but when I had my turn it barley made the distance. But it was okay because it was very funny. On Luke’s second go he nicked the edge of the plant and he let out a big yell. “Did you see that it was so close”? On my second go I shoot the arrow and it was looking good but then it took a wrong turn and went straight into the ground that is when Luke cracked up laughing. We had more shots but I never hit the bush.


In Literacy we had to watch a video and this is what it is about.
It is about how people are killing rhinos to use their horns to get money and I heard that in the black markets they can be sold for more than $60,000 per kilo. WOW!! That is a lot of money for a rhino horn but it also said that they were used for thousands of years to mix ingredients in some Asian medicines. I think that there is many of different ways to make money instead of killing rhinos and selling their horn. It is a cruel thing to kill such beautiful animals just to make money so I think that they should not try to make it better by cutting them all off and keeping them safe but to just ban it all around the world! What did the rhinos ever do to you? But when watching this it makes we wonder why… just why do they do that? Because there are a lot of other ways to make money it is just common sense. When watching this video it made me really upset and sad that people in the world are actually doing that to the wildlife. But all of this was just my opinion so please tell me what you think about my opinion or you can watch this video and tell me your own. Thanks 🙂