Camp Quality

Coming up at St Therese is a little day called Mission Day. It is a day when the year 5/6’s create some stalls that can sell or do anything you want, so it is pretty much a day of fun. BUT… it is not just all about the fun and food we are really doing this to raise money for the charity we chose and whichever charity wins gets all the money that all the stores raised. So my friends Emma, Ella, Catelyn and I have chose to raise money for Camp Quality. Camp Quality helps children and their families that have cancer and they take them on a camp to do all sorts of different activities so that they can feel comfortable with kids that have cancer too. One of Camp Quality make the kids laugh so that they don’t well so down and upset about having cancer. Laughter also helps the children’s resilience. Our group chose to raise money for them because we all think that it is really sad that children even our age have to go through the pain and struggle of having cancer.

5 Card Flickr – Memories Gone Bad

Five Card Story: Memories gone bad

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I remember when I was little I would always take a walk through the gardens at the park, sometimes I would go along the grey gravely paths or other times walk among the trees and stop to look at the bright purple flowers in the middle of a damp green bush. I would have fun with the butterflies and watch them land on leaves and plants where they would stand out because of their magnificent colours. My mum would always take me to the slides near the park and I can still remember my first time I went down the slide by myself instead of my Mum having me on her lap. But that all changed when I turned seven, there was a big fire at one of my favourite parks in the world, but I couldn’t change what had happened. There was no more bright flowers amongst the green bushes or butterflies standing out because of their colours, there was only dark, dark black bushes and trees standing along the hill with no colour or fun at all.

Chain Story

A chain story is when you get in a group and start writing the story. You pass the story around and people continue on with the story. So if there is some crazy things I did not wrote it.

“Come on” shouted Millie’s mother. It was a nice bright sunny morning in Millie’s street and she was looking forward to the holidays. She was in her dream mode when her mother pulled her tail, “Ouch” shouted Millie. She sprang out of bed chasing after her mother down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Hurry Millie, we are going to be late for the summer parade, it stars in ten minutes”. Off they went and they arrived just in time. It was beautiful there was sunshine everywhere and icy poles dripping, all I could see was happiness everywhere. When it was bed time Millie needed to go do her business outside but her brother stopped her so she couldn’t hold it in anymore. She peed inside “oops” said her brother. “You are so not a good boy anymore you have mould in your bedroom and this morning you put it in my breakfast. The two of them couldn’t stop fighting with each other when their mother came out and yelled at them both, “STOP FIGHTING! If you don’t stop fighting you will have to do chores for the rest of the month!” “But mum I do not want to do that you see I want to hang out with my friends and… “Now you are on toilet duty, hurry up ““But toilets have germs and it is just really gross, and everyone poops in there” At just that moment a rat cleans everything and now there is rat dropping everywhere in the toilet and that is the most disgusting thing ever. She walked outside and a bolder landed right next to her. Thank god she thought but then a huntsman speared her right in the head.
The End

106 WC- The noise was terrifying but…

I woke up to the sound of screaming, the noise was terrifying but I managed to block it out of my head and go back to sleep. Then when I woke up a second time I heard a noise again but this time it was more of a soft voice singing, “I’m gonna get you.” I was flabbergasted, scared what would I do. I was thinking about running into the room next to me where my sister was asleep under her blankets when the window burst open letting a gush of cold air in. I went over quietly to close it when someone tapped my shoulder.

My Persuasive

I believe that we should have a school canteen for the following reasons…

Firstly, I think that we should have a school canteen because if you forget your lunch you could go to the canteen. I sometimes forget my lunch so if we have a school canteen it would save my life. E.g. When I come to school the first thing that I do is put my books in my tub and once I saw that I had forgotten my lunch but I had some money in my bag, so if we had a school canteen it would help my a lot.

Secondly, if we have a school canteen everything would be cheap, so kids would get healthier food for less. E.g. As I said before I have random money in my bag so if we have a canteen at school it would definitely help me when I forget my lunch. It would also help others around the school if they have forgotten their lunch or snack and had a little bit of money.

Finally, the food would healthy so it would be better for the students at the school. Kids need healthy food to stay fit and strong so if we have a healthy canteen the school will be more active. E.g. I need healthy food like everyone in the world so having a school canteen would help me become fitter and healthier It would also mean less packaging from junk food so the school would be clean.

You must agree that we should have a school canteen because it would help the students at school to become more active and fit from all of the healthy food.