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If everyone lived like me we would need 2.4 earths to provide enough resources. To decrease my digital foot print I think that I could do the small things like saving power and not leaving the lights on in rooms if I am not in them. I hope that as an individual I can change my digital footprint and try do better things to help the earth.


A person in my family that I think shows fruits and gifts in my Auntie. Here are some of the fruits and gifts I think she shows and why.

  • JOY: She is also was super happy and makes us all laugh.
  • CHARITY: When she comes down to our house from Melbourne she is always trying to help out around the house.
  • GENEROSITY: She always offers for me and my brother to come back up to Melbourne with her to spend time with our cousins.
  • GENTLENESS: She calms me down and makes me happy when I am upset. For an example when I asked her to be my sponsor for confirmation I was really nervous but she calmed me down and she said yes.
  • PEACE: If sometimes we have a fight or something she will help us get over it and make everyone happy again.


I think that this week has been really good because on Tuesday night my netball team and I played our last game of netball for the year 5 and 6 division because next season we are going to move up to the years 7, 8 and 9 division. Then after that we went to a pizza shop to have our break-up and to just have some fun together and celebrate. Through-out this week in my school work I think that I am going quiet well but in maths I am not really understanding what we are doing and every session I am just trying to catch up. But at the moment I have loved Literacy because we have been working on story graphs and I am finding them really interesting. For the past day or two we have had the opportunity to watch the cartoon movie Wreck-It Ralph. After the movie was finished took out the six main points and wrote about them. I think for a fun little rating I give this week a 10/10 because it has been really fun filled and also it is the last week of term!!

WEEK2: 5th May-12th May
I thought that this week was really awesome because we got back into our normal routine and also (I think it was) on Friday we had the Peace Runners come to our school. They are a group that runs all around the world I think or just some countries because they want to tell people to make peace. Things at home have been great to because on Saturday I got to play netball for Torquay Tigers and we won against Portarlington! Also on Saturday I got to get dressed up as something from the jungle and go to my best friend Kesia’s party. It was soooooo much fun because it was a jungle theme and some people were really creative, also she had a big jumping castle in her driveway that everyone went on! Overall I think that i could have done better at my learning choices because everytime in Daily 3, I chose to sit with my friends. But sometimes I get a lot of work done.

WEEK1: 29th Of April-5th of May
For the past week we have been doing our Big Idea, and our main topic is SCIENCE! The homework for the last weekend was to figure out a cool but simple science experiment to perform to our groups of three. After performing then on Tuesday we walked around to other peoples groups to see what they had come up with and they had some pretty cool ideas as well. For the rest of the week we were showing the grade 3/4s and 1/2s what we had done and the scientific reason behind every experiment. It took awhile because there were heaps of experiments but it was worth the wait. If we weren’t up there performing to the other classes we had pretty much had the freedom to do whatever we want but it had to be maths, draw squad and literacy related activities. When we had completed one of the activities we had chosen to do we gained points for our team and by the end of the time period whoever had the most points won a trophy and I think a free lunch. But the winner has yet to be decided because we are finding out on Monday (tomorrow). This week I thought I did pretty well in the work conditions and I got a fair bit completed. I think that I could have done better in my science presentation because I got a bit nervous but my team members were there to help me out.

10 JOBS!
If I had the freedom to choose 10 jobs what would they be, here are my answers and why.
1. An Australian netball player: because I absolutely love to play netball and I think that it would be really fun.
2. Fashion designer: because sometimes when I’m bored I like to draw and create things like dresses, hats, shirts and skirts.
3. Photographer: because I love to set little things up like place flowers in a special spot so that I can take a photo on my iPod or just in my head.
4. High rope instructor: because even though I am kind of scared of heights this will help me get over that fear and I loved the high ropes from Yr5 camp.
5. Check out person at Safeway: because you might bump into some people that you know and it would be pretty cool learning how all of the systems work.
6. Netball Umpire: because it will give me a chance to teach little kids how to play netball.
7. An author because I love writing short stories and sharing them with my friends.
I apologize to the readers because we were meant to do 10 jobs but I couldn’t think of anything else that I am interested in so I only did 7. Sorry.

To improve my blog I am starting to use my categories more when I publish pieces of writing or just create a blog post. Usually I just don’t categorize my writing but it auto mantically goes into
Uncategorized so now I have a lot of post that are uncategorized and I am now trying to lower that number down as much as I can! After I have learnt to Categorize I will try and start using tags as well.

I think that you should visit my blog because there are lots of different things that you can look at and also some of the blog posts that I have done are really interesting, especially about what’s happening at school. There are some great student blogging challenges that I have completed and published onto my blog, you might even find some of my published pieces of writing.

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