In Literacy as part of our rubric we had to watch a video about close the gap, they while we were watching the video we had to take notes and facts on it by using Cornell note taking template. Cornell note talking is a new strategy we have learnt in Literacy and it is really easy to understand.

What did you learn?

In literacy I learnt a new way of taking notes while listening to a teacher or watching some sort of video. It is called Cornell Note taking and as I said before it is really easy to use.

What did you do well?

With the Cornell note taking I think I did really well with taking the time to make sure I have done it well because if I understand how to do it then I don’t have to keep asking what I have to do next, I can just go off by myself and complete what I have to do.

What could you improve on?

I could improve on staying on task and completing the work in the time given instead of taking some things home because sometimes I do have to do that when I chose the wrong places to sit or I’m just not focusing.

How could you take your learning further?

I think that I could take my learning further by taking my work to the next step and giving examples of what I am actually talking about because it makes your work more detailed and it means that you are really taking the time to tell the reader what you really me

In Literacy after we finished our rubric we did some plays. But they weren’t any normal play we chose an item that the teachers had and made up our own little jingle and then perform it to the class. I was in a group with my best friends Ella and Ruby rose.
What did you learn?
When doing these advertisements I learnt that it makes the performance better if you face the audience because it also projects your voice so that everyone can hear you clearly.
What did you do well?
In our plays or advertisements I thought that I really spoke clearly and projected my voice well because we got a lot of positive feedback about projecting our voices.
What could you improve on?
I think I could improve my confidence because I get a bit shy in front of a big audience but each time we do a play I think that I build up more confidence because I am used to it.
How can I take my learning further?
I think to take my learning further I could set the scene a lot more in the play so that it is easier to understand with props and make the advertisement more funny so people wont get bored.





In Literacy we have been doing lots of workshops but I will just choose one and tell you about it. In our blogging workshop we have been doing some 100 word challenges that our teacher has made for us. She chooses a topic and then creates a word of the week and we need to include that word in our story. This is one of my stories that I will now share with you. In this story the theme was the noise was terrifying and we needed to include that sentence but we also needed to use the word flabbergasted. Here it goes

I woke up to the sound of screaming, the noise was terrifying but I managed to block it out of my head and go back to sleep. Then when I woke up a second time I heard a noise again but this time it was more of a soft voice singing, “I’m gonna get you.” I was flabbergasted, scared what would I do. I was thinking about running into the room next to me where my sister was asleep under her blankets when the window burst open letting a gush of cold air in. I went over quietly to close it when someone tapped my shoulder.

Overtime in this blogging workshop I have learnt how to make my stories more interesting and exciting because I used to just do a normal everyday story that the teacher told us to do but now I really try and set the scene more to give the reader a better idea of where the event is happening. I also thought that I have done the story (above) really well because I thought that I set the scene really well and I love writing spooky stories because it is a lot easier to describe for me. But I think I could improve on not always making my stories scary and try different themes so that I can learn different skills in different areas. To take my learning further I think I could try and get a picture for every story or post because sometimes people get bored if it is just a big blob of writing for a post.

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  1. Hi Kate,
    It looks like you have been learning a lot in blogging! Your page looks fantastic. I really like how you have used descriptive words to make your story interesting. Keep up the great effort.
    Miss Mahon

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