In maths we have been learning about anglse but after we completed what we had to do about that we got into groups and chose a subject that we know a lot about and we could film ourselves talking about it or we could actually present it face to face to another group.

What did you learn?

When watching other peoples video, power point or presentation I really learnt more about adding decimal fractions because my group and I watched a power point and it was all about different decimals and also adding decimal fractions.

What did you do well?

I think when I was working on the I movie I really gained some confidence but I think that I also went well with explaining what I was talking about and giving examples to try and make the people watching have a better understanding of our chosen subject angles.

What could you improve on?

I think that I could improve on really staying on task with the movies on the I pads because sometimes I get carried away and my partner and I get a bit silly and aren’t really staying on task.

How could you take your learning further?

I think that I could take my learning by trying different ways to present my working instead of taking the easy way out of things, really challenging myself so I can learn even more different things.

In Maths we have split up into two groups one that focuses on multiplication and one that focuses on division. I am in the group that focuses on division and now we are learning about percentages. Our teacher brought in some catalogues and we changed the prices.

What did you learn?

When doing these activities I learnt easy ways to change prices if it is say 70% off and it is really fun because our teacher really understands us if we have no idea what the answer is.

What did you do well?

I think that I was doing well understanding how to solve the problems to get the answer and also working with my learning partner, she is my friend but we actually work really well together.

What could you improve on?

I think that I could improve on being more confident with my answers because I get a bit shy when I have to share my answers with the class or just read out what the question is.

How can I take my learning further?

I think to take my learning further I need to try and learn different ways to getting the right answer and being more confident with what I got at the end of the problem.




In Maths at school we have been learning about decimals and placing them on a number line. We also have been learning how to change a decimal into a decimal fraction but for now I will just tell you about the number lines. First we thought of decimals and then placed them onto the number lines we drew in your maths books. We got our teacher to check them and he gave us some harder ones. The next day we watched a video from the Olympics and it was Mitchell Watt jumping in long jump after the video our teacher let us have some fun so we went outside and placed a long piece of sticky tape on the ground, marked the measurements to the end and then we had our own go at long jump. I was in a group with my friends Ella, Laura and Georgia and my personal best jump was 2 metres and 10 centimetres but in mathematical terms it would be 2.10. Then we read an article about Mitchell Watt and we found out his personal best and his rivals personal best so we then made a long number line and we placed our best scores and the champion’s best scores. In maths I learnt a lot more about decimals and how to put them on a number line and changing them into a decimal fraction.

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